1. Some Funny

@BT Studio, 9:30pm Wednesday 5th

It’s a new sketch show. Given the current paucity of genuinely funny Oxford comedy groups, there’s a lot riding on this. We’ve been promised hijinks including a severed arm, a cosmonaut suit, an AK47 and at least one musical sketch. You never know, it may buck the trend.


2. Frost/Nixon

@Union Debating Chamber, 7:30pm Until Sunday 19th

This production has been hyped to high heaven, but with interesting rehearsal strategies (separate rehearsals for Frost and Nixon), the crème de la crème of Oxford acting talent and some really interesting subject matter, this ought to be one to watch. Aleksandr Cvetkovic and Ed Barr-Sim will bring the president and the chat show host to life in the Union debating chambers — catch it while you can! 


3. Rockshow

@Phoenix Picturehouse, Thursday 23rd

This is a film directed by Paul McCartney, charting the progress of his band (not that one – calm down!) across America during 1976. If anyone is a massive fan of Wings (really?), you’ll probably want to see this, if you haven’t already.


4. The Seagull

@Oxford Playhouse, 7:30pm Tuesday 21st

Everyone loves a bit of Chekhov of an evening, don’t they? In complete contrast to its first production, Headlong Theatre’s version has been critically acclaimed — not a single reputable source has disparaged it. If critical consensus is anything to go by, this ought to be an evening to cherish.


5. TSK Quiz Night

@Turl Street Kitchen, 9pm Monday 20th

The TSK, gem of Turl Street, must have a pretty good quiz night, right? The concept sounds great — a night in the TSK, with fiendishly difficult questions. Who knows, you may even win something (probably something ethical).


6. Seth Lakeman

@Town Hall, 7:30pm Friday 17th

Seth Lakeman is an English folk artist, a multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for sea shanties and various stomp-along songs. If you’re a Mumford fan, you need not apply. Proper folkies only!


7. Less Than Kind

@Oxford Playhouse, 7:30pm Saturday 18th

This play by Terence Rattigan was lost to the world until pretty recently. Given how much Rattigan appreciation there has been recently, perhaps this may have worked in its favour. A tale of wartime politics (both cabinet room machinations and socialist agitation) and sordid affairs, this will thrill any avid Rattiganian or any regular theatre-goer. If you are stuck for your fix of post-war theatre, you could do a lot worse.


8. Arcadia

@Magdalen College, 7:15pm Friday 17th

This play is cropping up everywhere — it’s on at Magdalen, a different production is coming to the Playhouse next term. Anyway; good play, good venue, good playwright. Go and see it.


9. Scandi-Sesh

@James Street Tavern, 8:30pm Monday 20th

This Scandinavian music night is a monthly occurrence. It’ll be interesting to see precisely what kind of music is represented: whether it’s jumper-wearing folky types (likely), ABBA-like pop bands (slightly less likely) or something weird like Björk (really unlikely).


10. Burning Down the House

@Babylove, 10pm Wednesday 22nd

We’ve tried to resist this, but in the end, it has been in vain. Like a spider being sucked towards the plughole in a bath, we have been dragged towards the musical sinkhole that is Burning Down The House. Anyone with any (dubious) hipster cred will gravitate towards the irony-heavy ‘80s club night. It’s a predictable formula, it’s a little too proud of itself, but it might be a laugh. Stranger things have happened.


11. Armin Van Buuren

@Oxford Union, 3pm Tuesday 21st

He’s a Dutch DJ, with one of the most successful electronic music albums of all time (he’s also a 4th Grade Officer of the order of Orange-Nassau, whatever that is). Now you get a chance to meet and question him about his music, his life, and various other nonsense. I’m sure it’ll be scintillating.


12. Fast and Furious 6

@A Cinema. Somewhere, at some point.

You’d have to be pretty furious (although not particularly fast) in order to write six installments of the driving-cum-thriller series. Light on plot, even lighter on acting, but very heavy on action, this will please anyone who needs to disengage their brain, lie back with a bathtub of popcorn and bucket of diet coke and veg out for a bit.