Two members of the men’s rowing team at St Hilda’s and one member of the women’s team were suspended from the squad were issued ahead of Summer Eights after unspecified allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards members of the women’s team were made.
The students were suspended, pending investigation, on the Wednesday of Summer Eights, an hour before the Men’s crew were due to race. Cherwell understands from Hilda’s students that a disciplinary hearing is scheduled for next week.
Ceri Fowler, Women’s Captain, and Adam Blackburn, Men’s Captain, issued a joint statement about the allegations and suspensions, stating, “the decision to suspend two members of SHCBC [St Hilda’s College Boat Club] was made as a result of allegations made against those members, which are currently part of an on-going investigation within St. Hilda’s College.”
They continued, “We currently wish to make no comment on the nature of the allegations, or what the outcome may be, until such a time as all disciplinary procedures have been completed.”
The Boat Club President, Benedict Sanderson, told Cherwell, “Two members of men’s squad and one member of  the women’s squad are temporarily prohibited from representing St Hilda’s in any sport (including rowing), pending the outcome of a College disciplinary hearing in line with standard College policy in such circumstances. This is now a matter for College to resolve, and any further comment is not endorsed by SHCBC.
“We would like to focus on the positives from Summer Eights; in particular our M1 winning their second blades of the season folllowing their seven bump Torpids success.”
St Hilda’s College declined to comment.