A lawyer who featured in a Cherwell video stands to face disciplinary procedures, the Independent has reported.

The lawyer appears in the video saying: “I’m a City Lad and I fucking love the ladness… The ladness is basically just fucking people over for money.’ Later he remarks “I refuse my consent for this to go on the internet and I will sue you if you put it on”.

The video was released on the 10th of May and the lawyer’s remarks initially went unreported. But the video found its way onto legal blogs on Friday and Clifford Chance has now responded saying: “The comments made are inappropriate and they are at odds with our principles and the professional standards we espouse as a firm. One of our trainee lawyers is the subject of our formal disciplinary procedures which may result in termination of the training contract with the firm”

Clifford Chance is known as one of the City’s magic circle law firms and according to an article in The Lawyer published on the 4th of June on its website pays its trainees for the upcoming year £39,000 in the first year and £44,000 in the second year.

Toby Mather, the presenter and director of Shark Tales, commented “What the news of this disciplinary procedure illustrates is the evolution of modern working life in an age of social media: changing one’s name on Facebook to help get a job is all good and well, but if you then fling drunken opinions at a camera lens once in the job, it does to some extent undermine all the hard work.”

“Blaming the influence of alcohol to explain away such bigotry is pretty flimsy; I’m no Freudian, but that guy has a really big ‘id’.”

In other news Mather, photographer for a naked calendar of Oxford University’s blues sportsmen, is believed at the moment to be taking legal advice over breach of copyright by major news organisations.

The video is available on Cherwell’s YouTube channel. The appearence in question can be found at 4:15 and 6:43.