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Essay Crisis writer reveals identity exclusively to Cherwell

The author of Oxford’s renowned procrastination tool, essaycrisis.tumblr.com, has exclusively come forward to Cherwell to announce her true identity having remained a mystery to Oxford students for years.

The brains behind “I’m Having An Essay Crisis” revealed herself to be Madeleine Foote, a history student at St Peter’s.

She told Cherwell, “I love when I see people checking Essay Crisis in the library and laughing, empathizing with situations that we believe are unique to us but are common to most Oxford students.

“I like doing Essay Crisis because nothing could be better than procrastinating by trying to think of a way to make people see the humour in their everyday life and laughing at themselves.”

‘Essay Crisis’, which has over 2,000 Tumblr followers and 1,577 likes on Facebook, receives up to 10,000 individual hits a day, predominantly from struggling Oxford students. However, Foote adds that, “After Oxford, my biggest following is in Cambridge. Tabs can’t win, they have to look to us for their laughs.”

The momentous news has understandably shocked students across the University.

Those close to Madeleine were taken aback. Exeter Student Tim Glover said, “I am absolutely astonished that my friend Madeleine is behind the world-famous blog; it is unbelievable. In fact, I literally don’t believe it. Madeleine is definitely not funny enough to be Essay Crisis. Also Essay Crisis swears a lot and references things like sex and alcohol, which I’m certain someone like Madeleine would never say or talk about. I call hoax.”

Brasenose student Jonathan Goddard added, “She’s well known for her omni-competence, but I always assumed that the one thing she lacked was comic ability. Now, it looks like she has that in spades too!”

Shirley Halse said, “It’s an incredible revelation to finally know the face behind one of the best loved and comical of Oxford establishments.

“On a personal level, it is an honour to share 3 mutual Facebook friends with such an institution.”

Thomas Cranshaw, a medic, agreed, commenting, “I am overjoyed to hear such fantastic news. It’s been a tough couple of years for me, always wondering, but never knowing. As someone who spends upwards of 6 hours a day refreshing the site it’s a real relief to finally be in the know.”

However, not all were impressed by the news. One Classics student said, “Who is this girl? Why do we care? I never even thought the website was that funny. To be honest it made me embarrassed to share the same problems which lame gifs were being made about.”

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