Vinegar, honey, garlic: open up any recipe book and it’s almost certain that at least one will appear on the ingredients list. Don’t worry, I won’t go all Masterchef on you – this is a Beauty column after all. Instead, I’ll give you an insight into how these three items that can easily be found in your kitchen cupboard can be your new secret to looking gorgeous.

With new creams appearing on the market each week – from face creams, to eye creams, to I-don’t-even-know-what creams – there is no shortage of products to choose from when creating your beauty regime. The ‘golden ritual’ of cleanse, tone and moisturise has now become standard daily practice. Is this really necessary? It certainly can be time consuming and expensive!  I found myself wondering where they days went when a block of soap would suffice. I had heard rumours that vinegar, honey and garlic used to be considered nature’s secret weapons when it came to beauty. Old wives tales? I decided to investigate. After a little research I was surprised by the variety of uses these substances have. Following some experimentation (much to my poor cardi’s dismay – it was left with a lingering smell of vinegar and garlic) I have listed my favourites below:

Honey for rough skin
Said to delay ageing, keeping your skin looking young and fresh. Rub a little onto chapped hands, lips and feet every night before bed.

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Vinegar hair cleanser
After washing my hair as normal, I rinsed it in a solution made up of diluted cider vinegar. My hair looked incredibly shiny – John Frieda eat your heart out.

Complexion cream using honey
Add a tablespoon of honey to a beaten egg-yolk and some corn-oil. Mix to a smooth paste and apply to your face using cotton wool. Leave for about 15 minutes before washing off with warm water.

The juice of a garlic clove for skin infections 
With its antibacterial properties, Garlic can also be used for treating acne.

Lavender vinegar for bath oil 
Simply add 150ml water to dilute the lavender vinegar before use. 

Who would have thought these cooking ingredients could have so many uses in the bathroom? If you have them in the cupboard then why not give it a go? Not only is it cheaper, it’s 100% natural. So natural, the honey-turned-face cream is good enough to eat.