12.45: According to BBC data, it appears that we, as a city, have weathered the storm. Wow guys, that was intense.


12.35: Reports of serious road damage on Museum Road appear to have been confirmed via this photo.


12.12: Some debris was spotted on Queen’s Lane by former Queen’s JCR Pres Jane Cahill…


11.05: Here are a selection of tweets from through the night, whilst I was sleeping like a baby.

So was the #cherwellgreatstorm just a media storm? You can join the discussion, using the #cherwellgreatstorm hashtag.

10.59: And if you thought we were completely home and dry, here’s the situation on St Gile’s this morning. Still some rain and wind!!!

10.57: It’s the morning after the night before. The calm after the storm. The moment where we get to sit back and reflect on what was, or what could have been…

Here’s a Vine from about 11.45 last night on St Aldate’s.

As you can see, there was some rain.

8.13: Oxford got its heaviest rain at 6am this morning, but only from a passing rather than a lingering cloud.


8.02: Oxford seems to have escaped the worst of the rain through the night. Two bands of heavy rain missed the city on either side, but maximum wind gusts still approached 61mph. Stay tuned for updates on any damage that we are made aware of. Those that were hoping that the roads to lectures would be impassable are likely to be disappointed however this morning.


1.13: On that note, we’re signing off for the night.

We’ll be back tomorrow morning with a selection of your ‘through the night’ tweets (remember to keep using #cherwellgreatstorm), as well as assessing and analysing the damage across Oxford.

Get you cameras snapping tonight and tomorrow, as all the best photos will be featured, right here on the Great Storm Live Blog!

1.09: As most Oxonians head for bed, here are a few last thoughts from the #cherwellgreatstorm Twitter party.

00.43: Latest from the Met Office. Some of the rain looks suspiciously like it is being sprayed from a giant sprinker in north-west London (actually coincides with location of their radar tower). Oxford marked by the pin.


23.59: Cherwell Storm HQ has relocated, which means we have some tweets to catch up on.

23.15: The clock ticks ever closer to bedtime. Here are some more tweets that you’ve sent our way…

23.07: Eleven hours into the live blog and rain is now falling quite nicely on St Aldate’s. Is this the start of the #cherwellgreatstorm?

22.50: On a more serious note- foul weather is much more fun if you have a nice college room to sleep in, which, unfortunately, is not the case for a lot of people in Oxford.

22.35: Been a while since we posted a map. Here’s a new one which has the wind in the form of arrows of varying colours.


22.23: Here’s a poem-

Waiting for the Storm

I sit alone, with no-one to hold,
Is that the wind I hear, or the computer’s fan?
My hashtagging becomes increasingly bold,
It makes me feel like more of a man

The sky is pitch black, like the night,
Which is because it’s almost eleven,
I hope to God we’re not in for a fright,
Will the storm be like hell or like heaven?

My enthusiasm is starting to wane,
I wonder what there’s left to say,
Where the fuck is all the fucking rain?
I’ve got to start writing my essay.

22.20: After the news that St Anne’s JCR pizza was delayed by 30 mins, we are hearing some shocking news out of Magdalen…

Unfortunately this could scupper my own dinner plans, leaving me stranded at Cherwell Storm HQ with nothing to chew on except empty coffee cups and broken dreams.

22.10: A new hour has begun and our dedicated Twitter family are sticking with our coverage despite the coquettish nature of the #cherwellgreatstorm. Here are some of your tweets.

21.51: Here are some more tweets, from the drier climes of Twitter.

21.44: If you’re getting a kick out of these incomprehensible Met Office maps, here’s another one that looks like a trippy 8-bit nightmare.


21.37: Latest simulations predict high water levels tomorrow morning until 11am


21.24: We’ve been doing our best to find out which establishments will be open tonight. Here’s confirmation from the Turl Street Kitchen.

21.14: The storm team have put together a previsualization of the disaster that #cherwellgreatstorm will leave in its wake…


21.07: Some more tweets from the #cherwellgreatstorm community. Things are gonna go crazy when the rain actually starts.

21.01: Demand for our coverage was, temporarily, too great and our website crashed. We’re back up though!

Here’s a picture from the Cherwell Storm Observatory (next to the men’s toilets). The sky is very dark, though that might just be ‘night’.


20.16: Still no sign of rain in Oxford, which may be causing some people to forget quite how serious this situation is. Here are a few tweets to jog your collective memories.

19.51: Amidst all the #cherwellgreatstorm coverage, a mini-saga is developing in the form of the OULC co-chair’s return from Newcastle to Oxford. We’ll keep you updated on her progress.

There has been no news on the situation of the OUCA President.

19.44: The BBC has issued this incomprehensible map to help people prepare for the #cherwellgreatstorm. An analyst here at Storm HQ has declared it ‘worrying’.


19.36: Oxford remains a bastion of ‘light rain’ in a sea of ‘heavy rain’ according to the latest weather map released by the Met Office.


19.28: After a brief, pub based, hiatus, we’re back with coverage of the #cherwellgreatstorm. Here are some of the tweets you might have missed.

Brasenose and Regent’s Park are the first JCRs to join the #cherwellgreatstorm discussion- will others join them? Check here to find out.

17.48: Darkness has fallen across Oxford, meaning that you may struggle to see the storm coming. Here are some of the most watchful #cherwellgreatstorm tweets.

17.41: The scene from inside the Cherwell Storm Centre, buried 40m under the Radcliffe Camera. We have backup power and food to last for 45 days, and blast doors that can withstand a direct hit from a 30Mt nuclear device. (Note: we are still too busy to change the clocks back)


17.21: To assist with the storm resistance, we’ve put together this handy guide to foul weather gear.


17.14: Another hour has passed and the slow approach of The Great Storm continues. Here are another few tweets to keep you jolly.

16.50: First photo of storm damage sent to us by Balliol’s Sam Bumby.

16.42: Here are another selection of #cherwellgreatstorm tweets, which are a ray of light in these dark, dark times.

16.33: Ominous looking grey skies over the Rad Cam…


16:08: Here’s another selection of #cherwellgreatstorm tweets, followed by a really great video that I saw posted on Facebook.

15.59: Nathan Akehurst has taken to Facebook to lament the lack of preparations for flooding, as well as proposing the ‘draining’ of Cherwell. Not sure how that would work, on a practical level.

‘Walking the streets of Oxford I see no flood defences, no stacks of dinghies in porters’ lodges, no posters pasted to the walls ordering us to stay in and stay vigilant, and no emergency stores of food despite the fact that stockpiling has begun – as evidenced by Tesco having run out of barbecue-style Pot Noodles even at this early stage. 

Our common rooms and OUSU have failed us once again. Join me in demanding the immediate draining of the Thames and Cherwell (newspaper and river) to prevent flooding (and piss off rowers.)’

Join the call for dinghies on Twitter, using #cherwellgreatstorm

15.15: The #cherwellgreatstorm hashtag has exploded on Twitter. Here are a few of the recent tweets using it.

14.58: We’ve had word from OUSU’s top dog Tom Rutland, who is fleeing the city in an action reminiscent of the scene in Titanic where Rose’s finacee jumps on the lifeboats ahead of the women and children.

14.22: Confirmation that Cai’s Collection Cocktails at House bar are still going ahead:

14.15: Former Oxford Student editor James Rothwell has got in touch to discuss his preparations.

13.40: The decision to name the storm ‘St Jude’ is currently coming under scrutiny across the university. 

St Jude is the patron saint of ‘lost causes’ and therefore seems to only add to the sense of doom surrounding the impending Great Storm.

Have your say on this issue, using #cherwellgreatstorm

13.15: Rain has begun to fall across Oxford, although we can confirm that the Gladstone Link is still dry. Librarians seem, at this point, unwilling to discuss the possibility of keeping it open overnight as a hurricane shelter.


13.02: The skies have darkened


12.19: David Cameron has tweeted: ‘I’ve just chaired a call with various Govt depts & agencies to hear about all the plans to ensure people are protected from tonight’s storm.’

Unfortunately, he did not use the #cherwellgreatstorm which makes it a small miracle that we managed to pick it up.

12.13: First signs of storm damage at the Oxford Union. President Wacharasindhu seems largely unconcerned, although there is a fear it may interrupt travel plans.


Preamble: Welcome to live coverage of The Great Storm which will be rolling across the UK overnight Sunday. 

We will be bringing you all the latest updates, opinions and analysis, along with exclusive photo and video content. If you want to get in touch with us, you can tweet @Cherwell_Online, use the hashtag #cherwellgreatstorm or email us at editor@cherwell.org.

The most important thing though? Stay safe and hydrated.