This weekend brought an unpleasant surprise for the students of Regent’s Park College when many lower floor rooms were found flooded with an ankle deep layer of a liquid smelling of urine.

Will Yates, a first year student at Regent’s Park, discovered the flood on the morning of Saturday 26 October.

He said that both the mens’ toilets and the laundry room, situated in the basement of the main building, were flooded with a liquid he described as a, “combination of urine and leaked washing machine water”.

This posed a problem for many students who had left their washing drying in the room and also on the floor.

One first year who had left their clothes to dry on the floor of the laundry room was quite irritated, commenting, “They smelled a bit like piss”.

The consensus among students is that the problem was caused by the urinals in the toilet getting blocked, which was then exacerbated by a burst pipe.

One student was keen to stress that the flood didn’t result from “people peeing so much that they flooded an entire floor”.

The problem was apparently due to the main sewers on St Giles Street backing up, which was subsequently dealt with by Thames Water.

According to one student, the liquid within the college was not mopped up until Sunday morning.

Regent’s Park College declined to comment.