New College JCR has passed a motion to create a non-committee role of Mint Julep Quartermaster or mistress.

The holder of the new position will be mandated  to investigate reinstating the college tradition of drinking mint juleps on the first day of June each year.

Between 1845 and 1945, Fellows at the college enjoyed the drink, which consists of whiskey, sugar, ice and mint, every year on 1 June. A recipe and a large cup for the mint julep were provided by William Trapier, an American planter from South Carolina who dined at New in 1845.

The new quartermaster or mistress will  be mandated to approach college to gain permission for an event after hall on June 1st college,  to investigate whether the college still possesses the cup and to find alternative sources of funding  for mint juleps should the college not have any.

The motion passed unopposed but with friendly amendments including a change in the role name, and in the recruitment process for the role which will be with an interview panel consisting of the JCR president, vice president and food and bar representative. The motion is still subject to approval from the college’s dean.

Many students at New were delighted by the news. One second year Economics and Management student commented, “I am very happy. I think it’s a great thing to have a funny tradition like that. The proposer wanted it just because it was quite weird, which is great. This changed my life.”

Others added, “This should bring the college together for a tradition that is very well established. I cannot wait for next summer.”