Corpus Christi has been subject to a major theft, with £1,300 disappearing from the room of the JCR Treasurer.

In an email sent to JCR members on Saturday evening, Treasurer Gege Parthasarathy said, “Last night £1,300 of JCR money was stolen from my room… This is really serious and the exec are in the process of contacting the police as a result of the Dean’s advice in hope that this can be resolved.”

The email was signed by Parthasarathy, in addition to current JCR President Erika Pheby, JCR VP Harry Begg, and former President Patricia Stephenson, and called for information on the robbery.

On Saturday night the source of the money in Parthasarathy’s room remained unclear. The email stated that the money was “going to be banked this [Saturday] morning.”

JCR member Aled Jones commented, “After the glorious ecstasy of last night’s Christmas bop, it was terrible to hear about the theft. Hopefully the swift action that was taken will mean that this can be resolved soon.”

A member of Corpus JCR’s executive said that the committee are currently unable to comment.