This week’s record was found in a charity shop in Brighton, in one of those plastic mesh boxes – the kind they’ve been using for decades that feels a bit gross. It’s a vinyl copy of Osymyso’s single Rabbit to Rabbit. “Who is Osymyso?” You may well ask. “Is ‘Rabbit to Rabbit’ the name for an alternative sexual practice?” Let me tell you, this song is so cult, even YouTube doesn’t have a copy. It’s a track my dad has been rabbiting on about (sorry) for as long as I can remember. He can recall the name (Liquid London) and the digital location (on the DRG London multiplex) of the radio station where he heard it, over 10 years ago.

All my life, I have considered the way my dad sings snippets of this song to himself as conclusive evidence that he is a few whiskers short. Osymoso has sampled and remixed bunny talk from the movies, commencing the song with the line “I’m hunting wabbits”, and followed up with Peter Rabbit shivering in a watering can over a break beat. On the flip-side, ‘Fiver to Bigwig’, a droning voice announces “A twitch ing nose and the largest pair of ears you’ve ever seen,” on an endless cycle, to top off a decidedly surreal experience.