Finding it hard looking stylish this winter? Yep, me too. When facing sub-zero temperatures, looking ‘fashionable’ is hardly a priority – staying warm is. The other day I walked out wearing (drumroll please) a woven vest, buttoned shirt, knitted cardigan, knitted jumper, rainproof jacket and a lined gilet. The effect? I looked like the Michelin man.

But it got me thinking, winter doesn’t have to mean piling on layer upon layer. Nor does it mean having to wear the same coat all day, every day for the next 3 months. Indeed, we’ve got a few tips right here which are seriously helpful. Looking stylish need not result in goose-bumps, after-all. Here’s how to stay warm whilst keeping your cool…


Winter Warming Tip One:
Thermals, thermals, thermals. One of the best inventions in the textile world, up there with SPANX. Invest in a good quality, light, thermal vest, preferably with a boat neck. Worn under that evening dress, no one need ever know…

Winter Warming Tip Two:
Only buy jackets that are lined. This doesn’t have to mean fur (although they are SO cosy) any good quality coat should have an extra inner layer to provide insulation.

Winter Warming Tip Three:
This applies to skirts. ‘SKIRTS??’ I hear you cry…IN WINTER? Yes, but in particular the maxi skirt. Worn with extra thick leggings underneath (again, no one will see!) the floor length will shut out that winter breeze.

Winter Warming Tip Four:
Be fabric picky. Look at the label – a shirt made from cotton, linen or nylon is NOT going to keep you warm. They will require more layers (cue the dreaded Michelin look). Instead, opt for wool. The higher the content, the warmer you’ll be. (Now there’s an excuse to buy that pricey lambswool jumper!)

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any ‘magic solution’. No matter what, the feeling of being whisked away to the Caribbean just won’t happen. (Hell, even in summer this doesn’t happen). But at least England will seem, well, a little more like England, and not the Arctic. Oh and one final tip! Before going out, warm up gloves and scarves on the radiator. Surge of warmth, guaranteed.