Keble students trade free drinks for extra bop


Keble JCR has voted to increase the number of BOPs they have per term by reducing the number of free drinks tokens.

The College currently hosts two BOPs a term, organised by the Entz team, with a budget of £500 per BOP but with this change the number will be increased to three.

Drawing attention to the number of BOPs hosted by other colleges, the motion states that “Catz, Wadham, St. Anne’s and Exeter have three or four BOPs per term, even Merton”. The “enjoyable and inclusive nature of college events” was also stressed along with the desire of “many members of college [to have] BOPs more frequently”.

The motion’s proposers, Rosie Peterson and Joel Hide, successfully argued that it would be more beneficial to the student body if, in return for the limiting of free drinks tokens, the college would enjoy an extra BOP each term.
Rosie Peterson, who proposed the motion, explained, “the aim of the motion was to increase the number of BOPs we have per term, as before we only had two which is less than quite a lot of other colleges get. Reducing the free drinks tickets was necessary in order to have more BOPs within the Entz budget. The motion did get passed, as members of the JCR seemed to agree that they would enjoy an extra BOP more than they enjoy one free drink token per BOP, and the dean has also expressed that he’s happy for us to have three BOPs a term”.

Joel Hide echoed these sentiments saying “Everyone loves BOPs, so we thought that it would be a good idea to reduce the number of drinks tokens available at each one, reducing the cost of each BOP so that we could afford to have three per term rather than just two. Drinks in our bar are pretty cheap anyway, so for everyone to have to pay for one more drink at the BOP isn’t really a big deal, and is definitely worth it to have more BOPs. Besides, if even Merton can have four BOPs per term, it’s shameful for a fun college like Keble to have just two!”

One student commented that “I’m really pleased this motion has passed and Keble can have more than two BOPs a term! They’re one of the best events in the termly calendar and I’m looking forward to having three now, they’re always really fun”.

Indeed Keble’s example has been keenly noticed by BOP lovers at other colleges. A first year classics student at Jesus commented, “I’m really jealous Keble are doing this. We only get two BOPs a term and I hope other colleges follow their example. BOPs are great fun and there’s free booze. What more could you want?!”

One Wadham student, however, saw a flaw in the plan, “As someone from a college where we have a BOP every other week, I think just having extra BOPs doesn’t necessarily make them better. We have so many that people stop turning up, which goes against the whole idea”

Some students were also confused with the change. One Exeter student commented, “I don’t understand how they are paying for the move; they have free drinks tokens?”


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