Beauty Corner: No Make-Up



Would you dare to bare? Don’t worry, not in that way. I’m talking about going make-up free. Today’s society is obsessed with beauty products. Now, it’s completely normal for your shopping bag to consist of bread, milk and that other essential – the latest Kohl eye-liner. But just stop a second. We often think about a world without technology, but what about a world without make-up? There’s dry January (no alcohol) and Stoptober (no smoking), could a month with, dare I suggest it, no make-up be next? The closest to this is Movember, a moustache growing charity event for men, which consists of no shaving. But imagine if we HAD to do it. How would we cope?

It got me thinking about that old phrase ‘beauty begins on the inside’. Forget imitating rosy cheeks, why can’t we make it happen for real? Forget piling on layers of radiance powder, why can’t we get a glow that’s natural? And I guess if we were forced to chuck all our make-up in the bin we would be more inclined to uptake those health tips that we hear every day…

 With no foundation at hand, eight glasses of water in return for fresher, clearer skin would suddenly be do-able. And with no concealer, the only way to lessen dark-circles might mean having no choice but to choose an early night over a marathon Friends session. Indeed, the concept of ‘beauty sleep’ would take on a whole new meaning altogether, no longer being scoffed at as an old-wives tale. Meanwhile with no Vaseline balm to be found, any lip-biters out there would be forced to break the habit.

And what about all that superfoods hype? Take avocado, for instance. I’ve never been a fan of this slimy fruit but in a make-up free world I might be converted. Packed with Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins, not to mention essential fatty acids, it’s said to have a ‘moisturising’ effect that results in smoother skin. And contrasted to your tinted moisturiser, skin wouldn’t just ‘appear visibly smoother’ it would actually BE smoother. As for having no blusher? Apparently vegetables with yellow, orange and red pigments (‘carotenoids’ for all you science geeks out there) create a naturally rosy complexion.

Mm… But why wait till the day all make-up is confiscated by the beauty police? You never know, these tips might actually work. And if they do, we’d be saving some serious money. Suddenly that bowl of quinoa salad looks a little more appetising…


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