A student from St Edmund Hall is recovering after impaling his leg on the fence around Christ Church Meadow in the early hours of Friday morning.

First year Ruari Clark was returning from a club after a rugby crew date and injured his leg whilst trying to climb over a fence.

Fellow Teddy Hall rugby player Robert Humphries commented, “It was on the night of a rugby crew date. Everyone from the crew date ended up in Bridge together and then, as far as I know, Ruari left the club independently, of his own accord, without anyone from SEHRFC, and appears to have slipped trying to climb a fence into Christ Church Meadow.”

“As I say, beyond that I’m currently unsure of any real details.”

Ruari has only recently been released from hospital and is still in recovery. He was unavailable for comment.

Christopher Lewis from the Deanery at Christ Church told Cherwell, “We are glad to hear that Mr Ruari Clark, a student at St Edmund Hall, is getting better after an injury sustained while trying to climb into the Christ Church Memorial Garden in the early hours of Friday morning.”