Bargain Bin: Britney Spears – Greatest Hits: My Prerogative


This week, instead of telling you about some dusty ridden gem (or turd) I have found and bought, I’d like to discuss some of the CDs I’ve given away. Why? A little part of me dies every time I see the Britney Spears: Greatest Hits album lurking there on the shelf of Oxfam. That is, every time I enter the establishment.

Oh, how I regret the foolish decision my fourteen year old self made when culling her records, subjecting the orange, shiny, black hot pants-clad Miss Spears to the ‘out’ pile. She, along with Chris Brown’s Exclusive, were embarrassing. A few years later, my ears begged to hear ‘Toxic’ and I kicked myself. YouTube is so not the same.

But clearly, I was not the only teen to remove her puke-pop from public view. The Sugababes, Ne-Yo and N-Sync always seem to crop up on those dusty bookshelves in the back. They’re emblems of greasy forgotten youths that many of us are keen to forget. But these artists, these pseudo-pop icons, were there for us during that awkward stage, stood by us as our skin turned blotchy, and played in the background as we put our hands on the shoulders of our date at the school disco. So don’t just turn away when Britney pouts at you from the CD rack. Pout back, remember and regret.


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