So the other day it was my friend’s birthday and cocktails were on the cards. After a manic day of essay writing, book borrowing and laptop malfunctioning (‘404 error’ anyone?) at least here was something to look forward to. But then a feeling of dread came upon me. Yes, dread. This was an occasion. A birthday. My best friend’s birthday.  ‘WHAT ON EARTH DO I WEAR?’ With half an hour to go, I plunged into my wardrobe, heart beating, desperately searching for something, anything that would be suitable… But I needn’t have worried. Because there it was, winking at me. That other best friend, initials L.B.D.

Ah yes, the Little Black Dress. Flattering, versatile, and most importantly, dependable. It’ll never let you down like that cream playsuit that turns out to be see-through, or that boob tube top that just won’t stay up, no matter how much tape you use. Since coming to fame in the 1920’s, women around the world have sworn by this wardrobe staple and it’s not hard to see why.

Unlike the recent craze in ice-cream pastels (which is already melting away, no pun intended) the colour black is always in. Since when is it not? Each year we are told ‘X is the new black’ but doesn’t this very comparison in itself prove that black is so, well, timeless? It has become the failsafe standard to set your watch by. Furthermore, no matter what your shape or size, a black dress is bound to flatter. And it’ll hide a multitude of sins. Yes, I will have my cake and eat it. Thirdly, you can have some ‘experimental fun’ when wearing a black dress (don’t worry, I mean that in a purely fashion sense). Pink shoes? Why not? The rainbow necklace that you hardly wear because it never seems to go with anything? Now’s your chance. The black dress is like a blank canvas: you can accessorize your heart out.

But for me, the LBD is so great because it’s as versatile as you can get. Meeting your mum for coffee? Dress it down with a knitted cardi, tights and boots. Wearing it out? Go wild with glitz. Of course, it’s important to own an LBD that’s perfect for you. But when it comes to this little beauty, it’s far harder to go wrong than it is right.

And so, feeling somewhat pleased – and a lot less stressed – I slipped on my dress before meeting the others at the cocktail bar. It proved to be a lovely night out and my friend had an amazing birthday. 

LBD, I owe you one.