Beauty Corner: Textured Products



The other day I undertook the beauty equivalent of a wardrobe clean-out. You know what I mean – where you think hang on a second, what do I actually use here? (So you own five mascaras, but it’s always that trusty Maybelline one you reach for). Anyway, one of the first things I came across was some old nail polish. It was not empty and definitely had some ‘life’ left in it, so to speak, but I threw it out anyway. Why? Because ‘normal’ nail polish has become too, well, normal. Now, it is all about the textured nail polish.

Yep the trend for textured nails which recently hit the beauty scene looks set to continue. Leather polishes, velvet polishes, sequin polishes, you name it they’re all out there and all guaranteed to create a multi-dimensional 3D impact. (The rainbow caviar polishes have got to be my favourite. Those tiny balls of colour are literally like skittles!)

But this idea of texture in beauty doesn’t stop there. There’s also the caviar lips trend (best left for professionals it should be said). Then we have false-eyelashes, with weirder and wackier styles being created by the minute. Have a search on the net and you will be shocked at what is possible. Flower petal eyelashes? Hell yes. Peacock feather ones? Of course.

Yet as with any craze when does it go a step too far? Where do we stop when it comes to textured beauty products? Could you really walk into a Tesco Express wearing spider web lashes, velvet nails, caviar lips and still be taken seriously? The texture craze is one of those cases where if you get it right, you get it right, but when you get it wrong you, get it oh so wrong. ‘Fancy dress is it?’ asked the Tesco checkout lady. 




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