Where Are They Now: S Club (7 or 3?)


You know the names, the moves, and every word to Reach. There’s probably even video evidence of you belting every word of it on the cheese floor whilst spilling tropical VK over the poor bugger next to you. It’s fair to say that S Club 7 are a band close to the hearts and minds of many students, which is why they brought it all back to the fans by hitting student unions and clubs for a reunion. Unfortunately not all the original line up was at the S Club Party, but Jo, Bradley and Paul just Don’t Stop Movin under the new more grown up name S Club, or sometimes S Club 3.

On their reunion tour, they went everywhere from the bright lights of Bradford to the Bognor Regis Butlins. When performing at the former, someone threw a bottle at Jo, following accusations of racism during her Celebrity Big Brother performance. Youch. Unfortunately, the band have no plans to visit Oxford anytime soon, but they did recently play Bournemouth, where Jo debuted some bright pink hair, and Paul his beer belly. Jeez, the boys really have let themselves go.


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