Lisa Wehden has been elected President of the Oxford Union for Hilary 2015, after beating rivals Sunny Jain and Christ Frost.

Wehden, who started term as Secretary but became Treasurer following the resignation of Charles Malton, won by 82 votes with 442 first preferences.

All positions were contested. Charlie Vaughan was elected Librarian with 506 first preferences, defeating Nathan Akehurst by 182 votes; NamPhuong Dinh was elected Treasurer with 469; while Dom Merchant beat Annie Teriba to the position of Secretary by only three votes, gaining 397 first preferences.

A printing error on the ballot paper meant that some boxes on the ballot for the position of Treasurer were black and therefore difficult to mark clearly.

Total voter turnout was low, with only 1035 votes cast for the position of President, over 300 fewer than last time. The low turnout meant that there were narrow margins in the elections for Secretary’s Committee: Joe Fowles, elected eleventh, received the same number of first preference votes as runner-up John Chan.