As the summer months approach, we’re all eagerly awaiting that hard-earned
internship or the holiday we’ve been counting down to all year. Both of these
require a suitable bag – something which combines both utility and style. We’ll
ignore suitcases and focus on the day-to-day; the bag you’ll be carrying to and
from the office everyday or cramming with souvenirs while exploring sunnier

The most versatile bag is the rucksack. Big enough to carry a laptop and a few books, small enough to not be a burden, with as much room to exhibit your personality as you could ask for. Compact rucksacks are everywhere at the moment, in a range of colours and patterns. A personal favourite is this canvas hold-all from Ted Baker (£115). Pricey, yes, but the camouflage print adds a rugged finished to any outfit, with the leather trim and a paisley meets camo print detailing giving it a mature finish.

Ted Baker, £115

If you are worried about practicality or office suitability, you can’t go wrong
with a black, canvas rucksack. But for a more formal atmosphere, a messenger bag or satchel may be more appropriate. Either black or brown works, and they are available everywhere – although if you have the cash to burn, try to get real leather. You won’t regret it.

To achieve that individual look, go for the more formal leather satchel but in a striking colour. Patterned rucksacks are everywhere, but the bold briefcase is still restricted to the few who are daring enough to brave it. Both the Cambridge Satchel Company and Ted Baker have a massive range, but I would recommend this retro briefcase from Zara (£49.99). Cheaper than the other two, it will provide the perfect contrast against a dark suit or a colourful holiday outfit.

Zara, £49.99