Oxford students have spent £8,800 on sex toys over the past year, placing the university second in a league table of students’ spending on adult toys.

The figure, roughly equivalent to 41p per student, represents a slight decrease on last year’s sum of £9,689 – yet Oxford and Cambridge students still spend more on sex toys than any other university.

The survey, released by adult toy seller Lovehoney, showed that while spending by Oxford students decreased by 10%, Cambridge students spent 25% more on sex toys than last year, placing it top in terms of student kink, with Tab students spending £12,400 on erotic items.

While Cambridge students’ most popular items were erotic lingerie with fetish catsuits and crotchless knickers, Oxford students favoured G-spot vibrators and butt plugs.

According to Lovehoney, these latest figures go some way to supporting the idea that students with high IQs may also have high sex drives.

Lovehoney co-founder Richard Longhurst claimed, “All our research shows a big interest in sexual experimentation amongst high-fliers, so it is no surprise that Cambridge University comes so far ahead on sex toy spending, with Oxford University in second.

“We’ve found that everyone in the UK is becoming a lot more relaxed about sex and lot more interested in trying new things.

“A big factor in this has been Fifty Shades of Grey which has completely changed the sexual landscape in the UK and made millions far more prepared to try new things. With the movie out next year, we are expecting customers to become even more risqué.”

Commenting on the findings, second year mathematician Koen Rijks told Cherwell, “I’m not surprised at all – most people I’ve met at Oxford seem far more open to sexual experimentation.”

However, Jesus student Lucy Steeds suggested otherwise, “I’m not sure if these figures suggest Oxford students are having more sex – if anything, they could just be more lonely.”