Christ Church student Inigo Lapwood and new wife Alice Blow starred on Facebook page “Humans of Amsterdam” on Wednesday, a week after tying the knot in Christ Church meadows.

The photo, which had received over 10,000 Facebook ‘likes’ by Thursday evening, was accompanied by an explanatory comment by Lapwood on how he met Blow in “this horrible club called ‘The Purple Turtle’”, and subsequently proposed to her five times.

The photo has been received positively on the page, with one commenter declaring them the “coolest looking couple ever. Extra marriage points for keeping a good wardrobe.”

It is perhaps fortunate that the two appear to be unfazed by publicity – months after achieving university-wide notoriety through being forced to live on a houseboat after bringing a flamethrower to a Christ Church bop, Lapwood invited over 400 guests to a Facebook page for the couple’s wedding.

On the ceremony, Lapwood told Cherwell, “We had two very moving readings. Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene featured. Joe Miles very kindly offered to play the part of Romeo, with David Browne his Juliet. Never before has the animosity between the Montagues and Capulets been presented so vividly, nor the forbidden love so passionately. I have it on good authority that people cried.”

He continued, “the other great classic of romantic literature, Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty To Me’, was kindly and seriously rendered by the best man, Tom Ough.”

However, Lapwood described their appearance on the ‘Humans of Amsterdam’ page as “kinda tragic”. He lamented, “you just can’t stroll around Amsterdam anymore looking for prostitutes and decriminalised drugs with your new wife, without some blogger coming along and misrepresenting your affection for the purple turtle. I tried to explain the true nature of our relationship with the club, but Stockholm syndrome didn’t translate that easily into Dutch.”

Nevertheless, “the honeymoon has been great,” he declared. “That said, given that we met in the PT, and endured an eight hour Megabus journey together on our second date, pretty much any subsequent joint activities seem comparatively great.”