Cocktails with Cai: Sex on the Beach


New term, New Year, Michaelmas is a hectic time for everyone. Freshers are still finding their bearings, second years are filling out cover letter after cover letter, and finalists are trying out one last bid for freedom before hunkering down surrounded with piles of exam papers and examiners’ reports.

So, this week, I opted for familiarity over experimentation, I bring you the time-worn boozy holiday classic — Sex on the Beach — which is great for a nice pick me up after a week of stress and forgotten deadlines.

The Sex on the Beach is to cocktails what Lana Del Rey is to music; a modern classic, smooth and appealing, yet completely manufactured by the industry. And much like the infamous Ms. Del Rey, this cocktail is kitsch, fond of the colour pink, and easily enjoyed by a wide variety of people.

The cocktail was borne from an advertising push for peach schnapps, and yet a skim down the cocktail menu of any self-respecting bar will yield this well-known drink.

But there are, as always, ways of mixing it up a little (pun intended), one of which is turning your Sex on the Beach into a Sex on Fire.Instead of vodka — the teenage park-bench classic — you can replace this most hangover-inducing spirit with some Fireball Cinnamon Whisky for a spicy twist to make the first week blues a little more interesting for all you jaded finalists.

That is, if Sex on the Beach isn’t quite enough of a bucket list challenge for you already (FYI:I’m not talking about the cocktail).For the recipe as listed below I’ve used the Official Bartender version, but with thousands of variations splashed across the internet, experimentation is the name of the game.

2 measures vodka (or Fireball Cinnamon


1 measure peach schnapps

2 measures orange juice

2 measures cranberry juice


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