Oscar de la Renta has sadly passed away at the age of 82 – just weeks after Amal Alamuddin wore one of his stunning creations to marry George Clooney. The world renowned designer died at his home in Kent, Connecticut. Whilst the cause of death has not been confirmed, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.

It is quite frankly impossible to do this talented man justice in an article of this length; I could go on about his work forever. A designer adored by some of the greatest and most influential icons of the past, including many First Ladies, Audrey Hepburn and, of course, Carrie Bradshaw herself, de la Renta’s legacy will be everlasting. His dresses have always seemed to epitomise the fairytale creations that many a little girl has dreamed of. I know I certainly did. 

As an avid Sex and the City fan, it would be remiss of me in this piece to notreference the Season Six episode dedicated to Oscar. The episode, called ‘You call him Oscar?’, sees the character of Carrie wearing a stunning raspberry pink dress gifted by her then-boyfriend, Aleksandr Petrovsky. Sarah Jessica Parker also wore one of his gowns at the 2014 MET Gala, a gown that can only be described as a work of art. (See below for images.)

De la Renta was once quoted saying, “I am not interested in shock tactics. I just want to make beautiful clothes.” That was – in my eyes and in those of many others – certainly a mission accomplished.

Here are a handful of his most incredible designs:


This picture showcases and Oscar de la Renta creation upon Carrie in the aforementioned episode of Sex and the City.


Sarah Jessica Parker in that dress at the MET Gala.


Two legends together, Audrey Hepburn with Oscar de la Renta.


Amy Adams looks like a princess in one of de la Renta’s designs.


Amal Clooney at a dress fitting with Oscar


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