A cartoon of sentimental value has been returned to the Exeter College JCR. The ‘Cut the Catering Charge’ cartoon was returned following a university wide appeal, as the Exeter JCR sought to deflect controversy over its mysterious disappearance.

The cartoon disappeared on 26th September and was replaced in its frame with a newspaper page.

‘Cut the Catering Charge’ depicts the College’s Bursar and Rector barricaded in college kitchens during Exeter JCR’s student hall boycott last Hilary. Drawn in the middle of the boycott, it provided a valuable rallying point for the discontented students. At the time the students were protesting against the £840 dining bill. Currently, the cartoon is the property of the Exeter JCR since the College Rector bought the cartoon on behalf of the JCR for £250.

JCR Secretary Tutku Betkas previously told Cherwell the theft was “nerve-breaking, especially considering the sentimental value of the cartoon.”

However Cherwell can reveal that the cartoon has been reclaimed by Exeter College. It was unearthed by a member of the Exeter JCR, lying under a box of condoms on Friday 24 October.

Richard Collett-White, Exeter JCR president expressed his relief, saying, “It’s looking a bit worse for wear, but I think that adds something quite special to the overall effect. In any case, it’s a relief to have it back. That’s all there is to it, I’m afraid. Nothing very dramatic.”

Either way Exeter College can now rest assured that this memento to their uprising is restored.