Last Friday Pembroke College’s JCR committee and undergraduate community attended their tutorials, lectures and seminars in onesies as part of Juvenile Diabetes’ Research Foundation’s “TypeOnesie” campaign for World Diabetes Day.

The fundraiser, organised by the college’s JCR, looked to raise both awareness and money for research into Type 1 Diabetes, with all Pembrokians invited to participate on the day alongside thousands of others across the country and to donate to JDRF through the JCR’s JustGiving page.

Pembroke’s Disabilities Rep Katharine Roddy, who planned and lead the fundraiser through the JCR, explained what inspired the committee to get involved, saying, “I’m diabetic myself and JDRF is a fantastic organisation who do so much to support diabetic people and their families and friends, so Pembroke JCR committee were really keen when I suggested that we get involved and try to help raise awareness of this cause.

“It seemed like a really fun thing to do, and a very simple but hopefully effective day to both raise the profile of Type 1 Diabetes in college and also some money for charity!”

Katharine continued to expand on the JCR’s enthusiasm to be one of the first colleges participating in this specific fundraiser, immediately supporting the idea from when it was first raised during the committee meeting in second week.

She added, “Everyone on the committee seemed really on-board with the campaign- not only because it’s obviously a great thing to do for charity, but also because it’s a great way to bring the Pembroke community even closer together by collectively doing something so positive. We’re all really hoping it’ll generate lots of Pembroke pride!”

Undergraduates were equally as enthusiastic about the day, with their onesies at the ready to raise the profile of the campaign across Oxford University.

Fresher Lizzy Thompson expressed her excitement, remarking, “it’s a fun and lighthearted idea for a fundraiser that has already made me think about a condition that we should all be aware of but often neglect, particularly as it directly affects members of our college community and potentially our friends and families.”

Likewise, biochemist Amber Ridgway told Cherwell, “it is a simple yet affective way to attract attention for a worthy cause. I have my raccoon onesie ready to go- be prepared!”

Pembroke JCR President Ben Nabarro commented, “It’s an important cause that means a great deal to people at Pembroke and it’s great to see the college community come out in such strength to support it.”

Hannah Roberts, a Senior Fundraiser at JDRF, was keen to praise Pembroke’s involvement in the fundraiser. “My biggest thanks to Katharine and her college for supporting our campaign. A group of mothers from Cumbria originally came up with the idea, so it’s fantastic to see it’s now making waves across campuses too!

“Those who live with type 1 diabetes – and their families – do a great job of getting on with their lives, but it is a very challenging condition. The #TypeOnesie campaign is a great way for people to enjoy themselves while also raising awareness and funds for an important cause.”

This campaign is just one of JDRF’s initiatives that seeks to raise the profile of Type 1 Diabetes in the media, as well as more money to fund scientific research into a cure for this autoimmune condition that affects about 400,000 people in the UK.

As the world-leading charitable funder of diabetes research, JDRF ultimately exists to find the cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications and so is eager to promote the #TypeOnesie campaign across the country as a way for people to enjoy themselves at the same time as raising money for this chronic and life-threatening condition.

Although Pembroke has never participated in the #TypeOnesie campaign before, it looks like this won’t be the last we’ll see of Pembrokians wandering St. Aldates in their onesies.

“The JCR is really hoping that this will be a big success, and if so then it will perhaps be something for whoever takes over my role as Disabilities Rep next year to take even further, joining up with Reps from across the wider Oxford community to make it a Uni-wide event. From small beginnings and all that,” Katharine said.