Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger has been announced as the new Principal of Lady Margaret Hall after a meeting of the Governing Body on December 17th. Rusbridger, who last week announced his decision to stand down from his position at the Guardian after 20 years, is expected to take up the post in October 2015.

In response to his election, Rusbridger, who is replacing the outgoing Principal Frances Lannnon, commented, “I am honoured that the Fellows of Lady Margaret Hall have elected me to be their next Principal.

“LMH is a pioneering college, beginning with its roots as the first to admit women to study at Oxford.  Its history is an inspiring one of intellectual distinction and of opening up equal educational and career possibilities.

“I am looking forward very much to joining the College next autumn and to building on the tremendous achievements of Frances Lannon, who has led LMH with such distinction over the past 13 years.”

The College is equally positive about the new relationship, with a spokesperson declaring that LMH was “delighted” to unveil Rusbridger as the incoming Principal. The University was also enthusiastic about the appointment on Twitter.

Rusbridger will take on his role at LMH in addition to his new responsibilities as Chair of the Scott Trust, the body that owns the Guardian and seeks to ensure its editorial freedom. Rusbridger addressed concerns about sharing his workload between the two, saying, “[I] look forward to combining Scott Trust & LMH.”

Lady Margaret Hall student Alice King supported the announcement, commenting, “It’s a really exciting time for the college. LMH has been home to a number of prominent journalists, including war journalist Tim Hetherigton, who was killed while investigating filming in Libya in 2011. I hope Mr Rusbridger feels well at home in our college. Dr Francis Lannon has presided over periods of serious development, so it’s interesting to see what happens next.”

However Lewis Hedges disagreed, saying, “I can’t help but feel that the last thing that LMH needs is another leftie. Besides, LMH is all the way over in OX2, that’s practically the moon, you couldn’t appoint anyone who would put them on the map.”