The Chingford massive, Blazin’ Squad, were massive in every sense of the word: in numbers, they were forced to cram onto the Top of the Pops stage, whilst in top ten singles, the band held six. Girls cooed at their slitted eyebrows, gold chains and spiky, gelled up hairdos.

But despite blazing a trail in the charts, things slowly began to look less peachy for the band, who, after losing seven members, changed their name to Friday Hill and were subsequently dropped by their record company, Peach Records.

Flava and Strider now work as producers at their company MoJam, and Rocky B, or ‘Primetime Pro-Juice’, as his Myspace page states, has also turned his hand to producing. Kenzie’s flip reversed from being a scrawny Big Brother housemate back in 2005, to personal trainer, joining Craig David in a series of failed pop stars nursing their bruised egos in the gym, whilst the rest of the squad have all turned to DJing, forking off at their own ‘crossroads’.