The Campaign: Cuntry Living


Cuntry Living is Oxford’s only termly feminist zine. In an institution which has for centuries privileged the white cis men who crowd the walls of our dining halls, we aim to carve out a space for the voices of women and minority genders to make themselves heard. We’ve aimed to create a space for cunts.

We’re playfully reclaiming the word ‘cunt’. DISCLAIMER: the term ‘cunt’ does not imply that all women have vaginas. Cunts can be any, gender, race, sexual orientation, age, or ability, so long as they wholeheartedly subscribe to the declaration which we include inside the cover of every zine: a cunt must self-identify, loudly and proudly, as a feminist.

We also passionately believe that feminism will be intersectional, or it will be bullshit. The oppression of women should be contextualized in terms of kyriarchal power structures: cunts should struggle against racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia and understand connections between these struggles, as well as being self-critical, and recognising both our own privileges and the privileges of many of the women who promote mainstream pop-feminism. We also stand for anticapitalist feminism because of the exploitation of the labour force and the current pursuit of austerity that disproportionately affects women.

For us, Cuntry Living is a space in which we challenge our oppression creatively and artistically, bringing together Oxford’s feminist voices to create a community of radical dissent and feminist celebration. We totally encourage all you great feminist allies who identify as men to submit but we also want to reserve the majority of the space for work by self-identifying women and transfeminine students.

If I’ve convinced you that life as a cunt is loads of fun, we always want people to get involved however they can! We publish articles, fiction, poetry, artwork: anything at all which grabs the patriarchy by its balls or anything that would make Brendan O’Neill’s blood boil.

We’d also love some help putting the actual zine together! We’ll be running ‘cut and stick’ sessions on February 23rd and 24th (check Facebook for more info), where we make collages to accompany the articles, and eat loads of chocolate while listening to Cassie, Beyoncé and Eve (no Meghan Trainor).

We’re still accepting submissions for our Hilary issue so if you want to join the swelling ranks of cunts then email with a pitch.


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