For her big 12 minutes in front of 110 million viewers, Katy Perry spared absolutely no fireworks. The half time slot at the Super- bowl is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many entertainers – although perhaps not for Katy Perry – and has previously been filled by Madonna and Beyoncé.

Her performance included Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliot, dancing sharks, and an absolutely amazing anima-
tronic lion, but to make the most of her
time on stage, Perry also called upon her long term friend Jeremy Scott, the creative director of Moschino, to design her four outfits.

Despite a clothing change practi- cally every three minutes, Perry never left the stage during the slot and Scott stated that dressing her was a “math and science lesson about layering, how to hide, and to have her have
big reveals”. The classic Ameri-can designer, known for his ‘fast-fashion’ designs inspired
by McDonalds and other American corporates, was
the natural choice to design
the clothes for the most quintessentially American
‘California Gurl’ performing at the most quintessential of all American sporting events.

The humour may have been taken
a bit too far by some, with a massive number of memes exploding all
over the internet, likening her flame encrusted dress to Cheetos packaging and Will Ferrell in the ice skating film Blades of Glory. However, despite being incessantly mocked online, Perry can have the last laugh as her half time show now holds the record as the most watched in all of Super Bowl history. All-in-all, a very successful 12 minutes for both her and Scott indeed.