Needle In A Haystack, Friday, 10-3am, The Cellar

Oh my, don’t you just fucking love Cellar? I bloody well do. And I just can’t wait for this: a club night that plays everything you want to hear. Featuring an eclectic mix of Motown, indie, new wave, ska and disco house with some guilty pleasures thrown in there to boot, what’s not to like? Apart from yourself, obviously.

Basshunter, Saturday, 10.30-3am, O2 Academy

 If you thought your life was deficient in annoyingly smug-looking Swedish popstars, fear not, Basshunter is coming to Oxford. Expect a set that covers songs from all of his six albums. Or, more likely, ‘Now You’re Gone’ on repeat for an hour and a half.


St Hilda’s Gender Equality Festival, Tuesday-Monday, St Hilda’s College

The annual gender equality festival returns to St Hilda’s, with a roster of events ranging from a talk by Peter Tatchell, to debates and even a comedy evening. The week of festivities climaxes with a Queerbop on the Saturday evening.

The Duchess Of Malfi, Tuesday-Saturday, 7.30pm, Burton Taylor Studio

A bold reimagining of Webster’s Renaissance masterpiece, set in the cut throat world of tabloid journalism and celebrity scandal. A production that covers questions of gender, politics, and power, and the people trapped within them, it promises to be an innovative cultural higlight of 6th Week.

King Lear, Wednesday-Saturday, 7.30pm, Keble O’Reilly Theatre

This new production of King Lear takes a daringly original approach to Shakespeare’s grittiest tragedy. With a focus on sensory perception and immersion, the production incorporates a multimedia experience including the use of live filming and ambient soundscapes. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, prepare to experience King Lear as you never have before.


Blood Wedding, Wednesday-Saturday, 7.30pm, St. John’s Auditorium

Apparently this is “a collaborative production of Lorca’s Blood Wedding, featuring contemporary dance, original music, and freshly baked bread”. Now I don’t know who Lorca is, or even what goes down at a ‘Blood Wedding’, but I can tell you here and now that if there is freshly baked bread going free then I will definitely be there. 100 per cent.

Blackwell’s Presents: Susie Campbell, Thursday, 7pm, Blackwell’s Bookshop

With a particular interest in prose poems and collage poems, Susie Campbell’s work has appeared in journals such as Smiths Knoll, Shearsman, Envoi, and Domestic Cherry. She will be reading from her collection, The Bitters, alongside a few of Oxford’s leading poets.

Broad Street Dancers: Dynamica, Thursday-Saturday, 7.30pm, The Old Fire Station

The Broad Street Dancers are an exciting student dance group established in 2010. Their new show, Dynamica, will feature conventional and traditional dance styles celebrated individually, but innovative opportunities to marry, fuse and clash them together will be explored alongside.