This stress-free dish combines the childish novelty of pancakes as a real meal with at least two of your five a day, and both the quick and lazy cooking process and soft, tasty product are easy on hungover stomachs.  

What You Need:
180g courgette, roughly grated
1 large red pepper, diced
100g feta cheese, diced
3 eggs
50g flour
Fresh parsley and mint, finely sliced
8 tablespoons oil
Salt and pepper


1. Prepare the grated courgette by tossing it in a colander with a teaspoon of salt and leave it over a large bowl or sink for about ten minutes, until the juice starts to leak out.  Press the courgette against the sides of the colander with a large spoon until it stops leaking.

2. Beat the eggs, flour, and courgette in a bowl, adding a handful of equal parts parsley and mint and a pinch of salt, to make your batter.

3.  Heat one tablespoon of oil in a frying pan and fry your pancakes, using a few tablespoons of batter per pancake.  Flip them when the edges get crispy and the top is bubbling.  Add a tablespoon of oil before each time you add batter.  I’d recommend keeping them warm by putting them in the oven or on a hot plate covered with foil as you go.

4.  Once your pancakes are done, heat two tablespoons of oil in the frying pan and sauté the pepper for a couple of minutes.  Transfer them to a bowl and mix in the feta and some mint, salt and pepper to taste.

5.  Spoon the filling into the pancakes, fold, and serve.  Consider adding a sprig of that fresh mint to your plate to impress your Snapchat friends.