Three stars

I’m no vegetarian, but I admit I am an absolute sucker for macaroni. This weakness of mine may have influenced my decision to choose Sainsbury’s macaroni cheese for this review, giving me the impossible task of summing up macaroni within a word limit. The packaging suggests that the best way to prepare it is to microwave for four minutes. However, as I consider myself a terrible, but willing chef, I oven baked it for 20 minutes instead.

My first bite of the meal was a not-so-cheesy piece of pasta, but this was my fault for choosing a very crunchy-looking piece. Despite this initial moment of despair, I’d consider it to be a good macaroni; the sauce is very creamy. It lacks any form of seasoning, but if you ask me, the whole point of macaroni is to be a simple meal. It is certainly filling and satisfying for the cost, but it contains no arguably healthy ingredient, so on that note, I am off to go and eat an apple.