Four Stars

I am somewhat under the impression that the subject of this week’s review is a natural evolution of boil in the bag rice, as it has gone from being boiled in a bag, to just straight up nuked for 90 seconds. This ease of cooking makes an Uncle Ben’s Sweet and Sour Rice Time a very appropriate student meal, and the packaging itself even boasts that it is “perfect for lunch”. However, as easy at it should be to put a pot of rice and a pot of sauce in a microwave, I somehow miraculously managed to screw this up, and ended up with sweet and sour sauce everywhere.

I found the rice to be quite sticky and glutenous, however, considering that no water is added on cooking it, and it was just in the microwave, it is impossible to expect perfect rice. And to be honest, this is the only criticism I have of the meal; the sauce is a very nice sweet and sour, and this, coupled with the vegetables that are found in the sauce, means that there is a range of textures and flavours. As far as nutritional values go, the only thing of concern is a moderately high sugar content: a yellow on the traffic light system.