Burning Down the House – Wednesday, 10pm Cellar

Yes, we’ve all been before. Yes, we’ve plugged it a million times. But Bowie doesn’t get old (although that may just be Botox…) and neither does the 80s. 

Punk Rock – Monday – Thursday, 7:30pm, Simpkins Lee Theatre, Lady Margaret Hall

Sixth Form. A Levels. Girls. Bullying. Punk Rock covers all these things, and ends in a “terrify- ing dystopia of vengeful destruction”. Sweet. 


Ruskin Exhibition Private View – Friday, 6pm, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art

Two weeks before the finalist show comes the first year exhibition at Ruskin. Expect a profusion of conceptual art and (possibly) free refreshments. 


Zennor – Wednesday – Friday, 8pm North, Wall Arts Centre

The first student show to be performed at the North Wall in Summertown, this play set in a secluded Cornish town promises to bring some- thing fresh to the Oxford theatre scene.