The Oxford Union has today passed a motion that the Union is insitutionally racist, following a public outcry last week over advertising a cocktail in a manner deemed to be racist.

The cocktail was themed to coincide with the debate “‘This House believes Britain owes reparations to her former colonies” and was called, ‘The Colonial Comeback!’. One version of the flyer depicted black hands in chains.

The events received national media coverage, and the Union BME Officer resigned the following morning, saying,  “I’m disgusted at the way they have behaved both, towards me, and the wider black community.”

OC&C advert for MT20

The motion passed today at Standing Committee was proposed by Union Treasurer Zuleyka Shahin. It followed a further motion, passed unanimously by the Committee, condemning the cocktail as racist.

The Standing Committee is chaired by Olivia Merrett, the President of the Union. She is reported by the Twitter account @RMF_Oxford, representing the ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ movement in Oxford, to have denied knowledge of the offending flyer prior to its release.

 Merrett was unavailable for comment at the time of publication. More to follow.