The latest offering from Swiss DJ and producer DJ Antoine is, as we have come to expect, an absolute banger. The single features another artist known as Storm, who no one has ever heard of and probably never will again. Mad Mark also features in an indeterminate role. ‘I Woke Up Like This’ celebrates the “24/7” lifestyle which revolves primarily around the “money money money money money” that continental Europeans seem to aspire to, although the reference to the “premier league” suggests that DJ Antoine is seeking to break into the British market.

While the use of repetition is prevalent, DJ Antoine demonstrates a surprisingly high level of lyrical versatility, with a particular highlight being “I’m drinking coffee and Jack at 6am on my back”. Musically, the single bears similarities to every other eurotrash track that has ever been produced: excessive use of cut off, gratuitous side-chain compression and of course squalid drops. The single features a particularly sordid bass, which is dropped in and out in such a way as to keep listeners guessing.

We can expect the music video to contain bikini-clad women, sand and probably several forms of transport. Is ‘I Woke Up Like This’ as good as the legendary ‘Ma Cherie’? Probably not, but it represents a valuable addition to the corpus of cheeky offerings from across the channel.