Croquet is one of those things that reeks of Oxford. Close your eyes and picture a group in blazers and sun dresses tottering around a lawn. Now lose that image and accept that croquet is just an excuse for day time drinking and procrastination in the sun. 

1. ‘All The Small Things’ – Blink-182

Croquet is, without a doubt, a game for those who like the small things in life.

2. ‘Bitch’ – The Rolling Stones

Playing croquet with frenemies might be cathartic, as you smash their balls to the other side of the lawn.

3. ‘We’re All In This Together’ – High School Musical

Croquet is very much a team game, as expressed by this sickly song.

4. ‘No Need To Argue’ – The Cranberries

Warning: don’t play croquet with your significant other. Arguments will follow.

5. ‘Sunny Afternoon’ – The Kinks

Grab a couple of Stellas and head to your croquet lawn – there are few better ways to spend a sunny afternoon.