Just as the tranquillity of the long vac was beginning to take hold panic arose in the popular facebook group ‘Oxford University Marginalia’ as admin and founder April Pierce was deposed as admin of the page. A mysterious character by the name of ‘Horn’ had taken her place. Cherwell looks into this controversial character by asking who is ‘Horn’? What do we know about him?

1. Horn is a Usurper

In a move that would have impressed Richard III himself Horn struck in the dead of night and out of nowhere to take the Marginalia throne. An opportunist if ever there was one he seized the Crown when nobody was expecting him.

2. Certified Party Animal

Cherwell has uncovered that Horn is a veritable party animal, he was one of a select few awarded the coveted ‘Best Clubbers of Freshers’ Week’ by the Tab.

We aren’t quite sure why our mystery man chose warehouse of all club nights but who are we to judge him?

3. Crusader against the internet police

It seems like Horn has his hands full explaining himself to the internet police. Will he make it through this encounter unscathed?

4. Horn is loved

While many scorn his very existence, during his time as marginalia overlord Horn developed a cult following by those who appreciated the extent to which he rustled some jimmies. His support base is less vocal but nonetheless present.

5. Horn is hated

6. Horn is munificent.

While some question his methods in sharing his power when he could have kept it for himself Horn showed his greatest virtue – munificence- however much like all tragedy heroes this great virtue was to be his undoing as his disciples removed him from his throne. 

7. Horn is no more

A sad day for trolls across oxford.