Travelling can always be hugely hectic; from the packing to the hot summer sun, there is nothing more stressful than organising travel in summertime. It is always worthwhile in the end, though, and just to make it a little easier for all those lucky wanderlust travellers, here are a few compiled outfits that can be worn for travelling. Most of the outfits are centered more around warmer countries and are perhaps suitable for inter-railing or a road trip, but they can always be adapted by adding a cardigan or some boots if the climate is a little different from the usual summer destination.



This first outfit is a lovely beige and white layered dress from H&M. During the summer it is always frustrating to wear bottoms, so it’s often easiest to opt for a dress. Dresses or playsuits are perfect for travelling, more so than shorts or skirts because there is minimal fuss. They are simple to throw on for a day trip and also super easy to style. The little white dress is very minimalistic, so it’s great for pairing with different jewellery items of any size or color. Dresses made from fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk are breathable so will help to keep you cool when running around and seeing the sights. In tune with the monochrome style are the simple pumps that are comfortable, stylish, and not to mention cheap as well.

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The second outfit is perfect for a long train ride or exploring the city in the hot summer sun. A pair of loose shorts and a bardot top is a no-brainer when considering travelling. By wearing lighter, looser fabrics such as these polka dot shorts, it is super easy to move around for ages without feeling bogged down by the heat. A good pair of loose shorts is an essential to any girl’s wardrobe, simply because of how easy they are to style. Mixing and matching prints might not be for everyone, but if you can do it right it always provides an interesting look, such as the small grid print of this top and the polka dot shorts. The nineties trend of encouraging the mixing of prints with simple items has had a huge comeback recently. If the patterns are too loud, you don’t necessarily need jewellery either, which is always liberating if you’re in a rush.



This slightly festival-themed travel outfit is the most stylish of the three, but it is also one of the most practical. Harem pants are one of this summer’s main travel essentials. They feel like pyjamas so can be worn effortlessly – these zebra printed ones definitely add to the whole travelling vibe. Furthermore, a loud print like this can be paired with a simple top such as a cream loose tank to add to the effortlessness. For an airy feel (and for added height!) small platform heels are never a bad idea.



So there we are, three outfits that are stylish for any trip. They are all incredibly relaxed and easy to adapt to your own style. I hope that this has given some inspiration – have fun with all your summer travels!