Camera is to close this Saturday, a spokesperson has confirmed. 

Cherwell understands that the closure is due in part to a lack of business for the nightclub overall, which ran its Oxford University students’ night each Friday, rivalling that of Wahoo.

A new nightclub will be replacing it, although the timescale for this has not yet been confirmed.

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James, a 2nd year Christ Church History student commented to Cherwell, “For some, it’s a real shame that the so-called ‘Camera’ nightclub is closing; for others, news of great joy.  But, given the number of nocturnal institutions students can frequent for an evening’s debauchery, it is unsurprising that Camera has been forced to close. 

“Let’s hope it allows Oxford students to spend more time in the other, more important, camera, the Radcliffe Camera, and therefore do something which benefits their degree rather than induces fevers of near-unconsciousness.”

Camera has been contacted for comment.