Missing the balmy days of your Spanish summer holidays already? Want to create a frugal continental fiesta in your soulless college kitchen? Look no further than the £3.50 litre bottles of ready-made sangria on offer in Tesco! A deliciously potent blend of red wine, brandy and sweetener, topped with chopped oranges, this nectar-like beverage is so sumptuous it will convince even the most indie pipe-smoking English Lit student that a night a Park End will be good banter.It’s a community-spirited drink ideal for sharing with all your new fresher ‘friends’.

For an extra kick, add a dash of gin and tonic (or fanta) to your basic blend. Sangria is perfect paired with platters of tapas for the classiest of evenings, though if you can’t get your hands on any authentic patatas bravas, Walker’s Sensations will do. For extra refreshing sangria (read: if you want to drink in the afternoon), add some cucumbers and mint to give it that Pimm’s-esque summertime feel. Word of warning: The toxic mix of port and wine will give you a hangover so bad it will feel like you just raced against a bull in 

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