KEY RESULTS (full results here)

  • President: Jack Hampton (1389 votes) – BackJack
  • VP Access and Academic Affairs: Eden Bailey (875 votes) – IOU
  • VP Welfare: Sandy Downs (858 votes) – BackJack
  • VP Charities: Beth Currie (1297) – independent candidate
  • VP Graduates: Marina Lambrakis (394 votes) – The Big Picture
  • VP Women: Orla White (677) – IOU
  • All uncontested candidates elected

Voter turnout: 14.2%, four more voters than in 2014

21:52 Winding up at Cherwell Towers – congratulations to the candidates, and pick up a Cherwell tomorrow for a hefty dose of facts and analysis.
21:36 Jack Hampton is drunk
21:30 Blurry shot of IOU celebrating…
…and Oh, Well, Alright Then….
21:22 Jack Hampton buying our Cherwell reporter drinks
21:08 Jack Hampton is covered in BackJack stickers, apparently. “I’m not going to remember this evening – I’ve just drunk an unbelievable amount of brandy in 10 minutes.”
21:06 Sandy Downs to Cherwell: “Thank you to my slate, Corpus and the queers. Well done to Jessy and Jenny – and bring on next year!”
EDIT – further comment: “We’re happy and we’re going to get drunk!”
21:04 Official response from Eden Bailey: ““I’m absolutely delighted. This is such an important time for higher education, and I’m grateful that the students of Oxford have decided that I’m the person to speak up for them all on the university and national level.”
21:02 Women are the real winners of this election

21:00 Jack Hampton responding to victory: 
“My biggest thank you has to be to Catz- I’m basically sure it was Catz what won it. I’m looking forward to taking a million steps forward with OUSU and all my great colleagues.”
20:56 Eden Bailey, reacting to success:

20:40 lol

20:38 Old-guard BNOCs on that hype

20:36 Looks like #receiptgate is delaying the results announcement…

20:35 Unnamed election official: results are “interesting”. Cherwell correspondent at BackJack HQ: “incredibly nervous and tense in here”. Groundbreaking stuff.
20:28 OxStu reading our live blog – nice work :*

20:26 Concluding thoughts from ‘Oh Well, Alright Then’ HQ: “we hope moderate apathy wins the day”
20:23 “Live feed” 
20:15 Cherwell denizens feeling the heat

20:12 Louis Trup chatting live to Oxide Radio from Colombia: “the main way I’ve been keeping up to date is via the Cherwell and OxStu [sic] websites”
20:07 And they really bring out the best in people 
20:04 OUSU election coverage attracting Oxford’s greatest and goodest

19:57 Whatever the result, Cherwell‘s ready

19:50 Readers will be reassured to know that he’s listening, though
19:46 Interestingly there’s complete Twitter silence on #ousu2015 from both of of the two last OUSU Presidents @ljtrup and @tomrutland
19:42 Heated exchanges on Twitter
19:32 Turnout: ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡3142 voters, 14.2%, up 4 VOTERS FROM LAST YEAR!!!11!!1!
19:30 The thumbnail looks even better
19:27 Duncan Shepherd brought us our favourite codpiece of the campaign


19:16 Top #ousu2015 accessory award goes to Jack Matthews – he kept it all these years…

19:13 And our favourite putdown: 


19:08 Cherwell‘s campaign pic pick: an endearing sketch of Jessy Parker Humphreys’ face


18:58 OUSU less impressed with stellar Oxide coverage than we are, apparently

18:49 A highlight of this election for us was BackJack’s innovative use of Grindr


18:46 THE DEADLINE FOR EXPENDITURE RECEIPTS HAS PASSED. Props to Oxide Radio for the info #fireinthebooth

18:38 We couldn’t contain our excitement – here’s a SICK countdown timer so you can follow every second of hype: 


18:29 A quick reminder that coverage has been ongoing for the last couple of weeks: here‘s an article by Eden Tanner about mental health, and here‘s one on the same subject by Jack Hampton. Both interesting reads in an atmosphere of increasing debate around mental health provision in Oxford.

18:23 #punylives #mightyoverlords

18:19 Meanwhile, some are more dedicated to OUSU than others…

18:10 Having finished the evening’s hackery, the BackJack slate has posted a bleary-eyed photo of themselves, doubtless exhausted from hours of messaging distant acquaintances and friends of friends in time-honoured student election fashion.



18:07 Voting in the OUSU elections has now closed! As we wait with baited breath for the results that will determine student experience between MT16 and TT17, Cherwell is here to bring you all the updates and reaction to events on George Street at OUSU HQ.