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Yazoo shake-up Eighth Week

Oxford RAG has been given 250,000 bottles of milkshake by Yazoo’s Belgian manufacturer, FreislandCampina to distribute around Oxford. The milkshakes are set to go out of date in two weeks’ time.

RAG itself is taking two pallets of milkshakes, with the number of bottles totalling around 3,500. One pallet will be taken to Radcliffe Square on Thursday, where the milkshakes will be distributed to students between 12 and 5pm.

The milkshakes will be handed out to students in return for registering with RAG, signing up to the Jailbreak mailing list, or making a small donation.

RAG are distributing the remaining bottles to food banks, charities in Reading and Oxford, as well as to local hospitals.

Bridge, the bar and club popular with students on Thursday evenings, is also set to receive two pallets. Milkshakes will be handed out to those waiting in the queue. Any leftovers will reportedly be given to college JCRs, where they will be given to students suffering from hangovers.

Asked why FreislandCampina had chosen Oxford to receive its surplus of Yazoos, Chris Williams, RAG President, told Cherwell, “To be honest I have absolutely no idea.”

He added, “Yazoo rang the Student Union, and the receptionist said that RAG was down for it. Things have just escalated from there. It’s been a busy few days.”

The RAG Secretary, Harry Bush, also expressed RAG’s bemusement. He explained that RAG are “still not exactly sure why the company ended up with so much milkshake spare,” adding, “but we’re hardly complaining.”

A representative from Yazoo told Cherwell, “We’ve been busy handing out a few donations of Yazoo Milk Drinks to different charities across the UK this Christmas, supporting events such as Santa Dashes with local hospices, supporting disadvantaged children and pay as you feel cafes throughout England, as well as providing stock to food banks.

“Oxford RAG was offered the donation as Yazoo Milk Drinks have high appeal with young adults, so it’s the perfect combination of supporting the student union and reaching our target audience.”

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