Oh how I’ve missed the bright lights of the reduced aisle (even if I have swapped shops), the pop of a plastic lid, the ping of the microwave. It’s o-fi shcial, the highlight of my week is back. Tonight I tuck into two of Tesco’s finest salmon fishcakes, which I’ve decided to pair with kale fried in garlic, (I hope it’s O-Kale that I cooked that part myself.) And crumbs! What a tasty treat. The fish is tender and delicious, and it floats in a creamy dream of a sauce which is seasoned to perfection. You are definitely getting your salmonies worth at only £1.50 for a double portion. Two fishcakes turned out to be quite a large-scale meal, and I almost couldn’t finish, but I’m the kind of girl who likes to have my fishcake and eat it too, so I polished them both off in a roe. Thank cod for that, because these are a bream come true, and way too good to waste. Good fishing, lazy cooks!