Sian, Cornmarket


“I work at Oxford University Press, in Marketing.

“My scarf is from Zara and it’s a year old but it’s my favourite scarf … it’s massive. It’s like a blanket. My trench coat is from Topshop – it’s suede, so warm. But I can’t wear it in the rain which is sad. My skirt is from Zara, which I got last year. But the hem has come undone. I mean you can’t tell so I still keep wearing it. My friend who knows always notices and she’s like “that’s so lame” but I don’t really care. And I’ve got a polo neck jumper from Topshop in green, because I love green, and I feel like everyone’s wearing polo necks at the moment, so…

“And my Chelsea boots are from the Debenhams sale, because, yeah – I just live in Chelsea boots.

“I used to shop online a lot at uni, but now I prefer to spend my time in shops so I can try things on just to see how they look on me.

“I think the shops in Oxford are pretty rubbish … I mean, the Topshop’s a bit better now and the Zara’s good, but I feel like we need bigger shops. It’s kinda sad that Primark’s closing as well. It’s closing soon; we’re getting a smaller Primark round the corner for a while.”


Elliot, Magdalen Bridge


“I’m a student at the Oxford School of Drama. Straight acting.

“Our first public show will be in June. That’ll be a Shakespeare play, but we’re not sure what it is yet.

“So I’m from Bristol. This coat – I bought in a shop called Cooshti on Park Street. The jeans – I think my ex-girlfriend bought them for me. I’m not sure where they were from. The shoes I’m wearing are Nike Air Force 1s. They’re all black suede. This ring is from Bristol – a place called Dragon Workshop. And the shirt is a vintage shirt.

“At school we have to wear black so whenever I’m out of school, I try and steer away from that. I’m influenced by music – King Krule – I like his style. But I don’t know, really – I just kind of throw it together.

“I don’t do much clothes shopping in Oxford. I do a lot of it online. There’s a couple of cool clothes shops on Cowley Road though.”


Pia, Turl Street


“I’m a second year Human Sciences at Hertford College.

“Nike shoes, the trousers are Zara. The top is Brandy Melville. My coat … do you know the Ballroom Emporium? So this is second-hand something or other, I don’t know exactly where it’s from.

“This scarf is from Zara. It’s so comfy. And they’ve had such a good sale recently.

“I usually just stick to shops I know work really well – like Zara. I go online quite a lot, like Urban Outfitters. I always find better deals on there. And then, you know, if I can find a good deal like in a charity shop, it’s always fantastic as well. Mainly online though.

“I do think I dress differently since I’ve been a student. I wear clothes that are a lot more comfortable. I think it kinda comes with age as well. When I was younger, you know, I wore a lot of tighter stuff. I’d tried out more styles. But I still have to keep to a good budget – that kind of thing.”

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