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Panama Papers to have “no impact” on honorary degree

Award-winning Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar will still be awarded an honorary degree following his implication in the Panama Papers

Daniel Kodsi
Daniel Kodsi
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Oxford University told Cherwell Wednesday morning that mentions of Oscar-winning director Pedro Almodóvar, and his brother Agustín, in the Panama Papers have had “no impact” on the plan to award the Spanish filmmaker with an honorary degree. Almodóvar has, however, cancelled media events related to his new film, Julieta.

The decision to award Almodóvar was announced February 22, with the University at the time explaining that “Mr Pedro Almodóvar is a director and screenwriter, winner of the Jean Renoir Award for Screenwriting Achievement, and Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He achieved international recognition for the film Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown in 1988, and has since won multiple awards for Talk to Her, All About My Mother, and Volver, among others.”

“In any case, I reiterate that both my brother Pedro and I, as well as our producer, are up-to-date with all of our tax obligations.” – Agustín Almodóvar

It was revealed earlier this week by the Panama Papers that the Almodóvars were complicit in using tax havens to hide their wealth offshores, away from taxation. While being named in the Panama Papers does not necessarily amount to evidence of criminal wrongdoing, Iceland’s prime minister has already been forced to resign after appearing in them and dozens of other prominent figures have been implicated in the 11.5 million document leak.

Agustín Almodóvar took responsibility for his brother, saying that from the beginning, “Pedro and I divided up the tasks and duties very clearly. I took charge of all of the issues related to the management of the company, and he dedicated himself to all of the creative aspects.”

“In this context, I would like to clarify that the creation of the company in 1991 was on the recommendation of my advisors given a possible international expansion of our company. Notwithstanding that, the company was left to die without activity because it did not fit in our way of working.”

“I deeply lament the prejudice my brother’s public image is suffering, cause solely and exclusively by my lack of experience in the first few years of operation of our family company.”

“In any case, I reiterate that both my brother Pedro and I, as well as our producer, are up-to-date with all of our tax obligations.”

The University did not offer further comment.

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