The top 5 snacks for revision time

"And if all else fails, Nutella"


With exam season fast approaching and contact with other humans decreasing fast, a good bit of food can really brighten up your day. From a guilty treat to a nutritious snack, we’ve got all the best revision snacks covered…

1. Propercorn: These ready-to-eat bags of popcorn are so much better than any Butterkist or Popz, and the best thing is they’re actually packed with goodness. There are loads of delicious flavours, including Sweet and Salty, Vanilla and Coconut and Sour Cream and Cracked Black Pepper – you can find them in the Tesco food to go aisle.

2. Nuts: They’re absolutely full of vitamins and healthy fats and so make the perfect revision snack. They may seem boring at first, but once you get past the standard big bags of Brazil Nuts you can find some much tastier packs. Tesco sells little seasoned pots of nuts next to the dried fruit – the Salt and Black Pepper mix is particularly good – and Holland and Barrett have a good selection too.

3. Pret pots: Pret sells some mini pots filled with protein-heavy food which are definitely a more expensive snack than some, but are also bursting with nutrition. There are three choices the Egg and Spinach, Egg and Avocado or Smoked Salmon and Egg. Whichever you choose, you’ll be fuelled with energy for the day.

4. Smoothies: This may seem an obvious one, but smoothies are a great way to keep hunger at bay and energy levels up. If you’re lucky enough to have a blender then it’s really easy to make your own, but if not, try some Innocent smoothies out (the Mango and Passion Fruit is a winner), or get some in any nice cafe.

5. Nutella: And if all else fails, Nutella. There is very little that Nutella can’t make better, and there is little you can’t eat it with. Whether you want to spoon it from the jar, spread it on toast, drizzle it over strawberries or pour it on ice cream, this is the fail safe revision/life snack.


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