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Nikolay Koshikov takes Hilary 2017 presidency in Union elections

Read the full results here

Nikolay Koshikov is the new Union President-elect of the Oxford Union, following the results of elections held on Friday 10th June.

In a clean sweep for their slate of other officer positions, Mia Smith was chosen by members as Librarian-elect and Dom Hopkins-Powell as Treasurer-elect. Mark Fischel, who ran as an independent candidate, was chosen as Secretary. All officers ran uncontested.

Elizabeth Webb, Kriti Joshi, Laali Vadlamani, Owen Rapaport and Chris Zabilowicz were elected to the Union Standing Committee.

It was a particularly successful election for Koshikov’s slate, with four of the five Standing Committee and eight of the eleven Secretary’s Committee running alongside him.

The turnout was 917.

See the full results below:


President-elect: Nikolay Koshikov – 610 (RON – 155)

Librarian-elect: Mia Smith – 646 (RON – 107)

Treasurer-elect: Dom Hopkins-Powell – 589 (RON – 138)

Secretary: Mark Fischel – 575 (RON – 141)

STANDING COMMITTEE (in order of number of first-preference votes)

Chris Zabilowicz – 220

Owen Rapaport – 180

Laali Vadlamani – 131

Kris Joshi – 127

Elizabeth Webb – 103

SECRETARY’S COMMITTEE (in order of number of first-preference votes)

Edward Evans – 109

Juliette Aliker – 73

Simon Jagoe – 70

Julian Kirk – 62

Gui Cavalcanti – 62

Aidan Lea – 59

Edward Piggott – 58

Melissa Hinkley – 56

Alex Urwin – 56

Alan Petri – 50

Rufus Morgan – 44

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