‘Budgie smugglers’ added to the Oxford English Dictionary

...along with a host of other slang terms that have already fallen out of common parlance.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Following the custom, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has been updated in an attempt to keep up with modern language.

The latest of these cringeworthy lists of the vernacular include ‘budgie smuggler’ – meaning a man’s overly-tight swimming trunks, Catherine Tate’s ‘bovver’ and the perhaps more useful adjective ‘left-wingy’.

The OED acknowledged that the “inescapable factor of modern life is our increasing reliance on computers and digital communications”, adding ‘LMFAO’, ‘IDK’ and ‘IRL’ and other acronyms to the list.

Other terminology taken from technology or popular culture that must have not made the cut on its release includes ‘speed-dial’ and ‘K-pop’.

University students everywhere will be thrilled to find that ‘varsity jacket’ is at last canonised vocabulary according to one of the world’s oldest dictionaries, which has been in publication since 1884.

The next of these instalments will be released in September.


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